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Table 1 Co-distribution of PQSs with variant-antigen-encoding gene families in Plasmodium spp.

From: Recombination events among virulence genes in malaria parasites are associated with G-quadruplex-forming DNA motifs

Plasmodium spp. No. genes in gene family Mean distance from a PQS (kb) Mean distance from a PQS in null dataset (kb) Difference between actual & null data (kb) Co-distribution (p-values)
P. falciparum 61 101.8 324.2 222.4 Y (p < 0.001)
P. berghei 217 356.3 414.2 57.9 Y (p = 0.021)
  1. The distribution of distances between var or pir genes and their nearest PQS was compared to the distribution of distances in a simulated genome containing randomly-located genes. Differences between the actual and null datasets were assessed by Welch’s t-test (2-tailed)