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Fig. 1

From: The founder-cell transcriptome in the Arabidopsis apetala1 cauliflower inflorescence meristem

Fig. 1

a An ap1 cal inflorescence at the stage used for following fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS), illustrating the massive overproliferation of inflorescence meristems before the initiation of floral meristems. b A confocal image of DRNL::erGFP expression in the ap1 cal inflorescence showing DRNL expression in phyllotactic founder-cell populations of incipient lateral organs in reiterating inflorescence meristems; red represents chlorophyll autofluorescence. c A confocal image of GFP+ and GFP– protoplasts following FACS of protoplasts from ap1 cal/DRNL::GFP inflorescences. d A schematic work flow to show the separation of GFP+ and GFP– cells via FACS. e A FACS scattergraph of the protoplasts showing the fractions collected for RNA-seq according to the output from GFP fluorescence and autofluorescence. f A table showing the absolute counts of GFP sequence reads in the RNA-seq data of GFP+ and GFP– protoplasts following FACS from four independent samples

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