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Fig. 6

From: The founder-cell transcriptome in the Arabidopsis apetala1 cauliflower inflorescence meristem

Fig. 6

Overview of RNA-seq data for individual transcripts relating to auxin biosynthesis, transport and response, and cytokinin signalling, in terms of normalised read count (NRC) expression levels derived from DESeq2 analysis: a Aux/IAA genes; b the PIN gene family; c the auxin response factor family; d genes involved in auxin biosynthesis: the YUCCA genes and TRYPTOPHAN AMINO TRANSFERASE OF ARABIDOPSIS1 (TAA1); e type-A and type-B cytokinin response regulators; f ARABIDOPSIS HISTIDINE PHOSPHOTRANFERASE genes. Green bars represent transcript abundance in DRNL::GFP-positive protoplasts and pink bars depict the NRC values in DRNL::GFP-negative protoplasts. NRC: normalised read counts

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