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Fig. 7

From: Transcriptome analyses of seed development in grape hybrids reveals a possible mechanism influencing seed size

Fig. 7

Differentially expressed genes (DEGs) with different expression patterns during grape progeny seed developmental stages. a Clustering of the expression profiles of DEGs from both seeded and seedless progeny at different seed developmental stages. Clustering was performed using the k-means method and 9 clusters were chosen for further analysis of transcriptional patterns. The number of genes in each cluster is listed after the cluster IDs. The ‘a’ at the X-axis stands for ‘stage 2 versus stage 1’ and ‘b’ stands for ‘stage 3 versus stage 2’. The Y-axis indicates the Log2-transformed fold-change of relative reads per kilobase of exon model per million mapped reads (RPKM) among the developmental stages (stage 2 versus stage 1 and stage 3 versus stage 2). The maximum/minimum value was set to ±4.0. b Transcription factors and regulators identified in selected clusters. c Pathway and Gene Ontology (GO) analysis of each cluster. The orange squares represent significantly changed pathways and the blue squares represent GO terms

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