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Fig. 1

From: RGAugury: a pipeline for genome-wide prediction of resistance gene analogs (RGAs) in plants

Fig. 1

Workflow of RGAugury. The pipeline was designed to use protein sequences to detect conserved domains and motifs found in genes involved in plant resistance and identify RGAs by integrating results generated from five programs: BLAST, InterProScan, pfam_scan, nCoil and Phobius. The annotated candidates for four different RGA types are exported as plain files. Analyses performed in parallel mode are labelled in blue. Intermediate results are indicated by a dashed-line box. GFF3: Generic Feature Format version 3; CC: coiled-coil; LRR: leucine-rich repeat; NB-ARC: nucleotide binding adapter shared by APAF-1, R gene products and CED-4; STTK: serine/threonine and tyrosine kinase; LysM: lysin motif; TM: transmembrane

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