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Fig. 5

From: Comparative transcriptome profiling of two Brassica napus cultivars under chromium toxicity and its alleviation by reduced glutathione

Fig. 5

Venny 2.0.2 shows the stress responsive differentially expressed genes (DEGs). Numbers of each circle show the number of stress responsive DEGs that are uniquely (inside of non-overlapping part) or commonly (inside of overlapping part) regulated. Diagram (a) shows the stress responsive DEGs between cultivars and total were 556, (b) shows the stress responsive DEGs that were up-regulated among treatments i.e. Ck, Cr 400 μM, Cr 400 μM + GSH 1 mM and total were 235, and (c) shows the total 216 down-regulated stress responsive DEGs among treatments, were same as mentioned above

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