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Table 3 Accession numbers for biogenic amine and GABA receptor subtypes from transcriptome assemblies of C. borealis and H. americanus

From: Deep sequencing of transcriptomes from the nervous systems of two decapod crustaceans to characterize genes important for neural circuit function and modulation

Receptor Family Gene Name C. borealis H. americanus
Octopamine/Tyramine Receptors Tyr-R KU710373 KU712061
Oct-αR KU710375 KU712062
Octβ-R1 KU710372 KU712063
Octβ-R2 KU710374 KU712064
Octβ-R3 KU710370 KU712065
Octβ-R4 KU710371 KU712066
Dopamine Receptors D1αR KU710377 KU712059
D1βR KU710376 KU712060
D2αR KU710378 KU712058
Serotonin Receptors HTR1A KU710381 KU712070
HTR1B KU710382 KU712069
HTR2B KU710380 KU712067
HTR7 KU710379 KU712068
Histamine Receptors HisR1 KU716100 KU716104
HisR2 KU716101 KU716106
HisR3 KU716102 KU716103
HisR4 - KU716105
GABA Receptors mGABAr-1 KU986868 KU986874
mGABAr-2 KU986869 KU986875
LCCH3-like KU986871 KU986878
RDL-like KU986872 KU986876
GRD-like KU986873 KU986877