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Table 4 Accession numbers for glutamate and acetylcholine receptor subtypes from transcriptome assemblies of C. borealis and H. americanus

From: Deep sequencing of transcriptomes from the nervous systems of two decapod crustaceans to characterize genes important for neural circuit function and modulation

Receptor Family Gene Name C. borealis H. americanus
Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors mGluR1 KU986879 KU986885
mGluR2 KU986880 KU986887
mGluR3 KU986881 KU986888
mGluR4 KU986882 KU986890
mGluR5 KU986883 KU986886
mGluR7 KU986884 KU986889
Kainate-Like Receptors Kainate-1A KX016772 KX016777
Kainate-1B KX016773 KX016778
Kainate-2A KX016774 KX016779
Kainate-2B KX016775 KX016780
Kainate-2C KX016776 KX016781
NMDA-like Receptors NMDA-1A KX016782 KX016787
NMDA-1B KX016783 KX016788
NMDA-2A KX016785 KX016789
NMDA-2B KX016786 KX016791
NMDA-2-like KX016784 KX016790
Glutamate-Gated Chloride Channel Glu-Cl KX059698 KX059699
Acetylcholine Receptors mAChR-A KX021822 KX021833
mAChR-B KX021821 KX021832
nAChR-alpha1 KX021828 KX021840
nAChR-alpha2 KX021827 KX021839
nAChR-alpha3 KX021829 KX021841
nAChR-alpha4 KX021830 KX021842
nAChR-alpha5 KX021824 KX021836
nAChR-alpha7 KX021825 KX021837
nAChR-alpha8 KX021831 -
nAChR-alpha10 - KX021835
nAChR-alpha16 KX021826 KX021838
nAChR-beta1 KX021823 KX021834