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Fig. 2

From: Quality filtering of Illumina index reads mitigates sample cross-talk

Fig. 2

Misassignment rates were weakly correlated with the hamming distance between index sequences. a Matrices showing the hamming distance between i5 and i7 index sequences used in this study. b The rate of triplets with an incorrect i5 (or i7) index as a function of the hamming distance to the correct i5 (or i7) index. Horizontal lines indicate the mean misassignment rate at each hamming distance. Note the log-scale y-axis. The theoretical misassignment rates based on independent substitutions are shown in gray for an exaggerated 10 % substitution rate (Q10); lower substitution rates would simply shift the dashed-line to the left. The observed misassignment rate does not decrease exponentially as would be expected if misread errors are independent, indicating that misread bases are not the cause of misassignment errors

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