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Fig. 1

From: A novel phase variant of the cholera pathogen shows stress-adaptive cryptic transcriptomic signatures

Fig. 1

Experimental procedure for isolation of N16961-derived phase variants. a Beginning with isolated colonies, parental strain N16961 was subjected to daily passaging with plating following the indicated approximate number of bacterial generations. Single randomly selected rugose isolates, designated RU1, RU2 and RU3, were then chosen. In the passaging experiment where RU1 was eventually selected, plating was also performed after ~30 generations, but there were no clearly distinguishable rugose isolates present on those plates; b Beginning with isolated colonies of RU1, RU2, and RU3, the passaging and plating procedure was repeated, and single randomly chosen smooth isolates, designated SD1, SD2 and SD3, were selected at the end

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