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Fig. 6

From: A novel phase variant of the cholera pathogen shows stress-adaptive cryptic transcriptomic signatures

Fig. 6

Overview of the differentially regulated genes discussed in this paper. The first symbol next to each gene name represents the qualitative expression change from N16961 to N16961R, the second symbol denotes the change from N16961R to N16961SD and the third represents the difference from N16961 to N16961SD. Symbol types are as follows: a dash indicates no significant change in gene expression, an upward arrow indicates up-regulation of the gene, and a downward arrow indicates down-regulation of the gene. Summary of central metabolic pathways shown within the cell includes the locations of gene functions as labeled with numbers. Pathways or portions of a pathway are colored as follows: red = gluconeogenesis; purple = pyruvate dehydrogenase complex; gold = acetate metabolism; green = glyoxylate bypass; blue = TCA cycle. As identified in this study, genes with the expression pattern ↑-↑ (or ↑↓↑ in the case of ggt) compose the transcriptomic signatures shared between N16961R and N16961SD strains

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