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Fig. 7

From: MicroRNAs regulate gene plasticity during cold shock in zebrafish larvae

Fig. 7

Dre-mir-29b may regulate per2 expression during cold acclimation. a per2 is a predicted target of dre-mir-29b. A fragment of 3′ untranslated region (3′UTR) containing the complementary nucleotides of dre-mir-29b is shown. b 1-cell embryos were injected 50 pg pEGFPC1 bearing 3′UTR of per2 target site in the presence or absence of 5 ng mir-29b MO and examined at 90% epiboly stage under epifluorescent microscopy using a FITC cube. c The percentages of EGFP - positive embryos injected without or with dre-mir-29b are shown. The numbers of embryos used in each treatment are presented at the bottom of each column. (N = 3), **p ≤ 0.01. d Embryos were treated with cold shock, lysed at designated time post cold shock, and their RNAs were extracted for qPCR analysis for dre-mir-29b (open bar) and per2 (filled bar)

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