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Table 6 Amino acid change caused by the SNP between Acala Ultima (AU) and others based on Upland cotton TM-1draft genome

From: A MAGIC population-based genome-wide association study reveals functional association of GhRBB1_A07 gene with superior fiber quality in cotton

Gene Position (bp) Amino acid code TAIR10 gene Description
AU Others
Gh_A07G1913 74778174 L Stop AT2G30690 Protein of unknown function, DUF593
Gh_A07G2012 76384997 V L AT3G01480 Cyclophilin 38
Gh_A07G2019 76483636 E Q AT3G16520 UDP-glucosyl transferase 88A1
76483537 L F
76483477 S A
76483123 C F
Gh_A07G2025 76582935 H R AT3G01510 Like SEX4 1
Gh_A07G2041 76841398 G S AT5G14570 High affinity nitrate transporter 2.7
Gh_A07G2042 76843818 H R AT1G50170 Sirohydrochlorin ferrochelatase B
Gh_A07G2045 76868459 L F AT3G01570 Oleosin family protein
Gh_A07G2046 76871281 T A AT3G27640 Transducin/WD40 repeat-like superfamily protein
Gh_A07G2049 76921226 Q R AT5G40450 Regulation of bulb biogenesis, GhRBB1_A07
76917593 K E
76917404 G E
76914909 C Y
76914822 Q H
76914298 I T
76911876 K N
76911659 InDel -
76910857 T I
76909194 L P
76908681 D V
76907407 Q E
76906421 N S
76904993 D N
76904590 A T
76901416 K E
76900228 F L
76899907 S C