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Table 2 NCBI GEO datasets validation summary

From: DeSigN: connecting gene expression with therapeutics for drug repurposing and development

GEO reference Reported drug Expected drug sensitivity DeSigN rank DeSigN drug Target Connectivity Score p-value
GSE4342 Gefitinib Sensitive 1 Gefitinib EGFR 1.00 0.000
GSE16179 Lapatinib Sensitive 6 Lapatinib EGFR, ERBB2 0.87 0.015
GSE9633 Dasatinib Sensitive 6 Dasatinib ABL, SRC, KIT, PDGFR 0.83 0.025
GSE35141 Gemcitabine Resistant 129 Gemcitabine DNA replication −0.83 0.025