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Table 4 Ten most abundant transcripts identified in the U. humidicola leaf transcriptome

From: Leaf transcriptome of two highly divergent genotypes of Urochloa humidicola (Poaceae), a tropical polyploid forage grass adapted to acidic soils and temporary flooding areas

Putative gene E-value FPKM UniProtKB
photosystem II reaction center protein M 7.00E-14 12514.83 sp|A1E9R2|PSBM_SORBI
uncharacterized ycf68 protein -- 3330.18 sp|P12173 |YCF68_ORYSJ
DNA-binding protein MNB1B 8.00E-52 3004.90 sp|P27347|MNB1B_MAIZE
putative uncharacterized protein ART2 3.00E-16 2583.30 sp|Q8TGM7|ART2_YEAST
metallothionein-like protein 1A 4.00E-19 2575.12 sp|P0C5B3|MT1A_ORYSJ
thiamine thiazole synthase 2, chloroplastic 0.0 2422.49 sp|C5X2M4|THI42_SORBI
protein TIFY 10A 2.00E-25 2167.52 sp|Q9LMA8|TI10A_ARATH
cysteine proteinase 1 0.0 2144.41 sp|Q10716|CYSP1_MAIZE
No-hit -- 2090.78 --
probable polyamine oxidase 2 0.0 2076.58 sp|Q9SKX5|PAO2_ARATH