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Table 2 The introduction to Web Service APIs provided by AnnoLnc

From: AnnoLnc: a web server for systematically annotating novel human lncRNAs

Name URL Parameters Return HTTP Method
Upload file: a file containing lncRNA sequences (less than 500) in fasta format.
token: a unique ID for authorized submission of batch job through the Web Service*.
email: your email address used to apply the token.
The job ID. POST
Info id: the job ID. The run info of this job, especially the run status for each sequence. Note that you can only get the download URL after all analyses are finished. Please check the run status first before fetching the download URL. GET, POST
Fetch submitID: the job ID.
[seqName]: the name of a lncRNA which you want to download its annotation results.
The URL of the annotation results in a ZIP package. GET, POST
  1. * see for more details