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Table 7 List of the resistance genes found following analyses of the 95 sequenced APEC strains. Similar genes names (e.g. aadA1 and aadA2) have been reported, including the first part of the name (e.g. aadA1, A2)

From: Comparative genomics of European avian pathogenic E. Coli (APEC)

Antibiotic Gene
Aminogl. aadA1,A2; strA,B; aph(3′)-Ia,
Beta-Lac. blaTEM-1A, 1B, 1C,1D, CTX-M-1, CMY-2
Fluoroquin. qnrB19
Fosfomycin none
Fusidic Acid none
MLS mph(B)
Nitroimidazole none
Oxazolidinone none
Phenicol cat(A1)
Rifampicin none
Sulphonamide sul1, 2
Tetracycline tet(A), (B)
Trimethoprim none
Glycopeptide none