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Fig. 1

From: ABO antigen and secretor statuses are not associated with gut microbiota composition in 1,500 twins

Fig. 1

Neither ABO or secretor status associated with broad compositional differences of the gut microbiota in the TwinsUK. None of the top 100 principal coordinates (PCs) from principal coordinate analysis of unweighted UniFrac distance are significantly associated with either ABO or secretor status. The first two PCs are shown, colored by ABO status (a) and secretor status (b). c Discriminant analysis of PCA (DAPC) is largely unsuccessful at predicting ABO or secretor status from microbiome data. The mean accuracy from 5-fold cross validation is plotted for ABO status, secretor status, and ABO status only in secreting individuals (yellow). Significance was determined by comparing the accuracy of each test to the accuracies of permuted data, which took into account twin relationships (gray). Significance codes: P ≤ 0.05 = *, not significant = NS

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