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Table 2 Pathways identified from differentially expressed genes list between high and low oleic acid content

From: Differences in the skeletal muscle transcriptome profile associated with extreme values of fatty acids content

Category Term Counta %b P-Value BH-adjc
KEGG_PATHWAY Oxidative phosphorylation 33 3.0 3.7e-12 5.8e-10
KEGG_PATHWAY Huntington’s disease 38 3.5 3.9e-12 3.0e-10
KEGG_PATHWAY Parkinson’s disease 30 2.8 2.9e-10 1.5e-8
KEGG_PATHWAY Alzheimer’s disease 32 3.0 3.2e-9 1.2e-7
KEGG_PATHWAY Ribosome 15 1.4 5.0e-4 1.6e-2
KEGG_PATHWAY Proteasome 10 0.9 1.1e-3 2.9e-2
  1. aNumber of differentially expressed genes involved in the term
  2. bPercentage of differentially expressed genes involved in the term
  3. c P-value adjusted for multiple tests by Benjamin and Hochberg (1995)