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Table 1 Main features of the putatively co-regulated clusters found during flux-correlation analysis. In this table, for each cluster, we report its number, the name of the regulator identified, the genes embedded in it and the conserved motif found upstream of its genes

From: Modelling microbial metabolic rewiring during growth in a complex medium

Cluster name Motif name Genes Weblogo
Cluster 2 ArgR PSHAa0194, PSHAa0698,PSHAa2175, PSHAa2287, PSHAa2290, PSHAa2291, PSHAa2292, PSHAb0333, PSHAb0428, PSHAb0543
Cluster 3 CcpA PSHAa0189, PSHAa0609, PSHAa0740, PSHAa1167, PSHAa1648, PSHAa1649, PSHAa1650, PSHAa1651, PSHAa2167, PSHAb0082, PSHAb0345
Cluster 6 GalR PSHAa0603, PSHAa0871, PSHAa1364, PSHAa1767, PSHAa2301, PSHAb0295