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Table 1 Nomenclature of mammalian COP9 genes

From: Analysis of RNA expression of normal and cancer tissues reveals high correlation of COP9 gene expression with respiratory chain complex components

COP9 Genes
Protein Gene Symbol Gene ID Cytoband
CSN1 GPS1 2873 17q25.3
CSN2 COPS2 9318 15q21.2
CSN3 COPS3 8533 17p11.2
CSN4 COPS4 51138 4q21.22
CSN5 COPS5 10987 8q13.2
CSN6 COPS6 10980 7q22.1
CSN7A COPS7A 50813 12p13.31
CSN7B COPS7B 64708 2q37.1
CSN8 COPS8 10920 2q37.3