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Fig. 1

From: Computer aided identification of a Hevein-like antimicrobial peptide of bell pepper leaves for biotechnological use

Fig. 1

Isolation of a peptide enriched fraction from bell pepper leaves using reverse-phase chromatography (RPC). a SDS-Tricine-PAGE of the peptide fraction SE1-10 (lanes 1, 2) and protein fraction (lanes 3, 4); b RPC-C18 profile of the fraction SE1-10, producing P1-RPC-C18 (arrow); c SDS-Tricine-PAGE of the fraction P1-RPC-C18j; d Mass spectrometry profile of the fraction P1-RPC-C18, showing the mono-charged (4241 Da) and the doubly charged (2122 Da) peptide ions. MM: Broad range molecular marker; mm: Low range molecular marker

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