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Fig. 3

From: Computer aided identification of a Hevein-like antimicrobial peptide of bell pepper leaves for biotechnological use

Fig. 3

Mass spectrometry (MS1) analysis of the peptide fraction P4-MEC after trypsinization. a MS1 profile obtained in MALDI-TOF/TOF; b Sequence of the Antifungal Protein [Capsicum annuum] [UniProtKB:Q8W2B2_CAPAN] identified by peptide mass fingerprinting, although as not-significant (for P < 0.05). Ions with m/z-values of 1461; 1593; 1617; and 2193 Da matched fragments of the Antifungal Protein at positions 31 to 60 after the theoretical trypsinolysis using PeptideCutter software

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