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Table 3 Bioinformatics tolls and sites mentioned in the text

From: Computer aided identification of a Hevein-like antimicrobial peptide of bell pepper leaves for biotechnological use

Name Link Reference
 ClustalOmega [57]
 NCBI/Protein BLAST [59]
 Pairwise Sequence Alignment [58]
 PeptideCutter [61]
 ProtParam [61]
Peptide databases
 AMPer [54]
 Antimicrobial Peptide Search (APD2) [52]
 CAMP [55]
 Database Linking AMPs (LAMP) [53]
 PhytAMP DB [56]
Protein database
 Mascot [43]
 NCBI-Conserved Domain DB (CDD) [64]
 NCBI-Protein DB [49]
 NCBI-GenBank DB [50]
 Swiss-Prot Protein DB [45]
 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot [51]
 NCBI-Reference Sequence (RefSeq) DB (nr) [44]
 ExPASy [61]
 Bioactive Peptide DBs [47]
 The Pepper Genome DB (release 2.0) [48]