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Fig. 4

From: Latitudinal clines in gene expression and cis-regulatory element variation in Drosophila melanogaster

Fig. 4

Latitudinal correlations in allele-specific expression. a The difference in ASE between tropical and temperate populations is significantly correlated between Australia and the United States (Spearman’s rank correlation; all genes with significant ASE are shown). b Genes with latitudinal differentiation in total gene expression are enriched for ASE, with 41% of these genes showing evidence for ASE compared with 17% of genes without latitudinal differentiation (Fisher’s Exact Test P < 10−15). c ASE differences between latitudes are correlated with total expression differences between latitudes for genes with significant ASE (gray open circles) and for the subset of those genes that also had significant latitudinal differentiation in total gene expression (black solid circles, significant only in Australia). Genes were considered to have significant ASE at FDR < 0.20, and were considered to have latitudinal differentiation in total gene expression if the latitudes significantly differed at a P < 0.05 on one or both continents and if the direction of change was the same on both continents

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