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Fig. 1

From: Carbohydrate metabolism in Oenococcus oeni: a genomic insight

Fig. 1

Schematic representation of the metabolic pathways identified in O. Oeni. The catabolic pathways for glucose degradation appear in blue, because they have been at least partly characterized at the biochemical level in O. oeni [21]. The pathways identified through the genotype/phenotype correlations in this study appear in black, with the short enzymes names in gray. The transporters are indicated: PTS indicates a PTS permease, while P indicates a non PTS transporter that can be a MFS permease or an ABC transporter, and ? an unidentified uptake or efflux system. The co substrates such as ATP, NADP(H), PEP are not indicated. Other sugar catabolic pathways are encoded in the genomes. The correlations being less clear, they are not shown in this figure and will be described more precisely in the text. When the series (D, L) is not specified, the monosaccharides belong to D series. When several proteins can ensure the same function (ex. 3 NagC isoforms were found), a single name is indicated

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