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Fig. 2

From: Carbohydrate metabolism in Oenococcus oeni: a genomic insight

Fig. 2

Putative pathways for transport, phosphorylation and isomerisation of glucose (green), mannose (blue) and fructose (pink). The full lines describe the permeases such as Mfs1574 and Mfs0819 whose activity was demonstrated by heterologous gene expression [21] or the pathways for which good correlations were obtained in this study. The other pathways are described by dotted lines because the links between genotypes and phenotypes are less clear. NagC NagC1, NagC2: hexokinases; ManI: phosphomannose isomerase; Pgi : phosphoglucose isomerase; Mtd: mannitol deshydrogenase; FruK: 1-phosphofructokinase, Fba: fructose-bisphosphate aldolase; Tpi: triose phosphate isomerase; Ptsfru: four distinct operons (fruA, fruB, fruC and fruD) encode four distinct PTS permease sets. ManA, ManB, ManC: PTSmannose permease; Ycze and MfsXXXX, MFS permeases. The co substrates such as ATP or PEP are not indicated

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