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Fig. 5

From: Carbohydrate metabolism in Oenococcus oeni: a genomic insight

Fig. 5

Schematic representation of the various gene clusters putatively involved in arabinose degradation. a First arabinose gene cluster, belonging to the core genome, and represented in the 3 distinct versions (a1, a2 and a3) found in the genomes studied. b Second arabinose gene cluster present in 13 of the studied strains. c Third arabinose gene cluster belonging to the core genome. d Fourth arabinose gene cluster, present in a single strain. e Localization of the various arabinose clusters in O. oeni chromosome. O. oeni PSU-1 is represented with its own clusters (a and c) and mfs permease genes. The adjacent regions of cluster B enabled to localize it, while the position of cluster D remains unclear, but it should be located on the chromosome as strain IOEB_C52 does not display any plasmid [23]. The genes putatively associated with arabinose catabolism appear as blue arrows. AraC: regulator; AraA: L arabinose isomerase; AraB: L-ribulokinase; AraD: L-ribulose-5-P-4-isomerase; AraT: permease. Others putative arabinose proton symporters are found all over the chromosome and are not described here

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