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Fig. 6

From: Carbohydrate metabolism in Oenococcus oeni: a genomic insight

Fig. 6

Arabinose degradation. a Putative pathway for arabinose transport, phosphorylation and hydrolysis. AraA: L arabinose isomerase; AraB: L-ribulokinase; AraD: L-ribulose-5-P-4-isomerase; AraT, Mfs, Mfs1681: sugar permeases. Other putative arabinose transporters are described in Additional file 1: Table S1. b Genotype/phenotype correlation. Strains appear in the same order as on the phylogenomic dendrogram (Additional file 2: Figure S2). In the lane describing the phenotypes, a blue box indicates a strain able to grow on arabinose as the sole carbon source, and a red one indicates a strain unable to grow in such conditions. In the lanes for genotypes, a beige box indicates that the gene is absent. The clusters and genes names correspond to those described in Fig. 5. A red box indicates that the gene is truncated or appears as a pseudogene. The green color indicates no gene truncation but mutations still can lead to inactive proteins

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