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Fig. 3

From: Use of single molecule sequencing for comparative genomics of an environmental and a clinical isolate of Clostridium difficile ribotype 078

Fig. 3

CRISPR spacer content with perfect matches to C. difficile phages. Left. Positions of spacers for each array with matches to the 18 phages (key coloured according to groups of medium myoviruses (MMs), long tailed myoviruses (LTMs), small myoviruses (SMVs) and siphoviruses (SVs)). The arrays show clear differences in terms of protospacer content with spacers that match to multiple phages. Right. Histogram showing the matches to protospacers in phage genes encoding portal, terminase, tape measure (TMP), tail fiber, cell wall hydrolase, repressor, anti-repressor, DNA binding and hypothetical proteins in addition to those outside predicted CDSs with their respective frequencies, and the table below corresponds to the gene’s functional region in the phage genome, phage type and the consensus Protospacer Adjacent Motifs (PAMs) detected

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