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Fig. 4

From: Use of single molecule sequencing for comparative genomics of an environmental and a clinical isolate of Clostridium difficile ribotype 078

Fig. 4

CRISPR spacer content with perfect matches to C. difficile isolate genomes. The spacer sequences from the 6 CRISPR arrays (on y axis). Protospacer locations (x axis) are shown in first column from perfect and imperfect matches for annotation (details in figure key). The next 53 columns contain perfect matches between spacers and corresponding C. difficile bacterial isolate sequences, coloured according to protospacer location (see key). The protospacer locations include those in conserved prophage genes. A total of 201 perfect matches were identified, with the spacer with most protospacers (n = 39) identified for CRISPR_2_17, in a phage protein of unknown function

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