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Table 3 Marker panel genotyping results. Each assay contains between 22 and 26 usable markers, and 15 to 24 appear to be fully diagnostic – viz., we have not observed any presence of minor alleles in the two subspecies or populations. Except for the dwarf subspecies, where the number of specimens is small, a 95% confidence upper bound for the minor allele frequency of an apparently fully diagnostic marker is between 3 and 4%

From: Whole genome resequencing reveals diagnostic markers for investigating global migration and hybridization between minke whale species

Panel Population 1 Population 2 No markers used “Fully diagnostic” markers
WP1 B. bonaerensis B. acutorostrata 26 24
WP2 B. bonaerensis B. acutorostrata 24 16
WP3 B. a. acutorostrata Dwarf 23 22
WP4 B. a. acutorostrata B. a. scammoni 22 15
WP5 B. a. scammoni Dwarf 24 21