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Fig. 1

From: Transcriptomic analysis of human norovirus NS1-2 protein highlights a multifunctional role in murine monocytes

Fig. 1

Comparison of NS1-2 proteins of norovirus genogroups. a Phylogenetic tree showing evolutionary distances between norovirus NS1-2 sequences. b Multiple sequence alignment of NS1-2 from the different genogroups with mammalian LRAT proteins, showing H-box (dashed box) and NC motifs (double arrows). The arginine (red box) required for mammalian phospholipase activity and tyrosine (black box) for acyltransferase activity is indicated. The predicted caspase cleavage sites are depicted by elbow connecters (black). Alignment generated using Clustal Omega; *denotes identity in all sequences, : indicates conserved substitutions, and . are semi-conserved amino acids

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