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Fig. 3

From: Single genome retrieval of context-dependent variability in mutation rates for human germline

Fig. 3

Transposon exposed (Trek) \(r_{i,j}^{core}\) substitution rate constants of the human genome. The boxplots are shown for each ij substitution type inferred from the hominoid L1 remnants spread across the human genome. Each point comes from a specific position in the L1 element, reflecting the substitution rate constant averaged across multiple occurrences of that specific position with the same sequence-context in multiple regions of the human genome. The complementary ij pairs are plotted in adjacency. The median values of the overall substitution rates (\(r_{i,j}^{sb}\)) in byr −1 (billion years) unit, averaged across the varying sequence-context within the L1 elements, are shown on the top

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