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Fig. 8

From: Single genome retrieval of context-dependent variability in mutation rates for human germline

Fig. 8

Enrichment of 7-mers with varying BSPs in somatic mutation sites linked to different cancer types. ak Each point in the plots corresponds to a unique 7-mer sequence. All the 7-mers that had either C or G of a CpG dyad at the centre were excluded from the plots representing the zoomed [0, 3] byr −1 range of BSPs. The plots (ak) show data from 11 cancer types, with their primary tissue and primary cancer types indicated at the top-right corner of each plot. The red lines in (ak) represent the Lowess [87] smoothing fits, outlining the decrease of the cancer enrichment ratio with the decrease in BSP. The numbers at the top-left corners of the plots show the slopes of the linear fits (not shown) for the data points below the 1.3 byr −1 (vertical line), where the depletion of stable k-mers is the most pronounced. The linear model slopes coming from all 11 cancer types are shown in (l) for comparing the extent of the cancer enrichment ratio vs. BSP dependence across the analysed cancer types

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