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Table 3 Gained or rescued protein-truncating effect of complex indels

From: INDELseek: detection of complex insertions and deletions from next-generation sequencing data

Gene Genomic position Multiple-nucleotide variants (MNV) Predicted protein change
    MNV called as a haplotype MNV called as separate single-nucleotide variants
Gained protein-truncating effect
BRCA2 13:32914101-32914102 c.5609_5610delTCinsAG p.Phe1870* p.Phe1870Tyr, p.Phe1870Leu
BRCA1 17:41245984-41245987 c.1561_1564delGCAGinsTAAA p.Ala521* p.Asp522Asn, p.Ala521Glu, p.Ala521Ser
BRCA1 17:41244552-41244553 c.2995_2996delCTinsTA p.Leu999* p.Leu999Gln, p.=
TP53 17:7578486-7578488 c.442_444delGATinsTGA p.Asp148* p.Asp148Glu, p.Asp148Gly, p.Asp148Tyr
TP53 17:7578286-7578287 c.562_563delCTinsTA p.Leu188* p.Leu188Gln, p.=
Rescued protein-truncating effect
TP53 17:7579366-7579368 c.319_321delTACinsCAA p.Tyr107Gln p.Tyr107*, p.Tyr107His
TP53 17:7578535-7578536 c.394_395delAAinsTG p.Lys132Trp p.Lys132Arg, p.Lys132*
TP53 17:7578433-7578434 c.496_497delTCinsGG p.Ser166Gly p.Ser166*, p.Ser166Ala
TP53 17:7578426-7578431 c.499_503delinsTACCT p. Gln167_His168delinsTyrLeu p.His168Leu, p.Gln167His, p.Gln167*
TP53 17:7578210-7578212 c.637_639delCGAinsTGG p.Arg213Trp p.=, p.Arg213*
TP53 17:7577508-7577509 c.772_773delGAinsTT p.Glu258Leu p.Glu258Val, p.Glu258*
  1. Bold text indicates predicted protein truncation