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Table 1 The sequenced genomes of the eight Oryza species in this study

From: Domestication of rice has reduced the occurrence of transposable elements within gene coding regions

Species Geographical origin Category Sequence length Genesa Transcriptsa
Oryza sativa Japonica All over the world Cultivated 374471240 89669 114289
Oryza rufipogon Asian, India and Australia Wild 338040714 63530 100603
Oryza sativa Indica Southern Asia Cultivated 411710190 86322b 88438b
Oryza nivara Asian and India Wild 337950324 58613 98640
Oryza glaberrima African Cultivated 316419574 78722 103316
Oryza barthii West African Wild 308272304 56968 88012
Oryza glumaepatula South America Wild 372860283 60679 99411
Oryza meridionalis Australia Wild 335668232 51551 87383
  1. aRNA-seq supported criterion is based on Cufflinks predictions, and include coding and non-coding genes
  2. bNo RNA-seq to support genes/transcripts, data source is from