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Table 2 Prediction results by straightforward staged learning

From: Staged heterogeneity learning to identify conformational B-cell epitopes from antigen sequences

Predictor Dataset Recall Precision F-score
SePre.v 0 Exp104 0.793 0.085 0.153
SePre.v 0 Exp163 0.744 0.055 0.102
SePre.v 0 Ren92unbound 0.923 0.186 0.310
  1. SePre.v 0 in this table is different from the proposed SePre model. Its second-stage model was trained on the leave-one-out cross-validation (LOOCV) results from the first-stage model. In LOOCV, if an antigen has multiple chains, these chains are all left out as tests in a round to reduce the coupling between a target antigen and the training data