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Table 1 Gene set enrichment of miR2910 target genes

From: Plant miRNAs found in human circulating system provide evidences of cross kingdom RNAi

Category Term P Value Genes
GOTERM_CC_FAT GO:0042995 ~ cell projection 0.026595 FOLR1, CTNND1, SPRY4
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS developmental protein 0.048812 LBX1, STK36, SPRY4
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0045449 ~ regulation of transcription 0.049408 LBX1, PHF19, STK36, ZNF295, CTNND1
INTERPRO IPR011989: Armadillo-like helical 0.059853 STK36, CTNND1
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS transcription regulation 0.060318 LBX1, PHF19, ZNF295, CTNND1
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Transcription 0.06372 LBX1, PHF19, ZNF295, CTNND1
  1. This table summarized the gene set enrichment of miR2910 targets. The human genes listed here were predicted to be targeted by plant miR2910 through sequence analysis. The terms were originated from the web based tool DAVID [33]