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Table 2 Gene set enrichment of miR2916 target genes

From: Plant miRNAs found in human circulating system provide evidences of cross kingdom RNAi

Category Term P Value Genes
KEGG_PATHWAY ptr05202: Transcriptional misregulation in cancer 0.011556 MEN1, LDB1, TLX1
GOTERM_BP_DIRECT GO:0043484 ~ regulation of RNA splicing 0.02339 SON
INTERPRO IPR000467:G-patch domain 0.025805 SON
UP_KEYWORDS DNA-binding 0.028196 TBX2, PPP1R10, H2AFX, TLX1
INTERPRO IPR014720: Double-stranded RNA-binding-like domain 0.029124 SON
GOTERM_CC_DIRECT GO:0071011 ~ precatalytic spliceosome 0.033471 SON
SMART SM00443:G_patch 0.036062 SON
GOTERM_BP_DIRECT GO:0000910 ~ cytokinesis 0.036161 SON
GOTERM_MF_DIRECT GO:0003723 ~ RNA binding 0.037823 SON, TDRKH
GOTERM_CC_DIRECT GO:0000781 ~ chromosome, telomeric region 0.046328 PPP1R10, H2AFX
GOTERM_BP_DIRECT GO:0006397 ~ mRNA processing 0.053776 SON
GOTERM_BP_DIRECT GO:0000226 ~ microtubule cytoskeleton organization 0.058753 SON
GOTERM_BP_DIRECT GO:0032092 ~ positive regulation of protein binding 0.063706 MEN1, PLXND1
GOTERM_CC_DIRECT GO:0000785 ~ chromatin 0.073822 MEN1, PPP1R10
UP_KEYWORDS Nucleus 0.081889 TBX2, PPP1R10, H2AFX, TLX1
GOTERM_CC_DIRECT GO:0005634 ~ nucleus 0.08342 MEN1, TBX2, LDB1, MKNK2, H2AFX, MID1IP1, TLX1
GOTERM_BP_DIRECT GO:0051726 ~ regulation of cell cycle 0.091709 SON
  1. This table summarized the gene set enrichment of miR2916 targets. The human genes listed here were predicted to be targeted by plant miR2916 through sequence analysis. The terms were originated from the web based tool DAVID [33]