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Fig. 6

From: Enhanced transcriptomic responses in the Pacific salmon louse Lepeophtheirus salmonis oncorhynchi to the non-native Atlantic Salmon Salmo salar suggests increased parasite fitness

Fig. 6

Enhanced expression of protein synthesis and oxidative-stress genes in Atlantic-fed lice. Differentially expressed transcripts identified by the microarray were profiled using RT-qPCR, and are shown as log2 calibrated normalized relative quantities (CNRQ). Expression of genes involved in protein synthesis (a) and oxidative stress (b) were the highest in AT-fed lice and increased over time (24 → 48 hpi). (c) Expression of two genes associated with stress were highest in starved lice compared to either AT-, CO- or SK-fed lice. Significance was identified by two-way ANOVA (p < 0.05) followed by post-hoc Tukey test to determine pairwise significance. Within a time point, lower-case letters denote differences between groups where groups that do not share a letter are significantly different. Asterisks denote differences within a group between time points

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