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Fig. 1

From: Widespread changes in mRNA stability contribute to quiescence-specific gene expression patterns in a fibroblast model of quiescence

Fig. 1

Genes that change in RNA stability with quiescence are related in function. Heatmap showing the changes in RNA stability between proliferating (P) and 7-day contact inhibited fibroblasts (CI7). Columns 1 and 2 are biological replicates of mean centered decay rate constant determinations in P fibroblasts and columns 3 and 4 are replicates of decay rate constant determinations in CI7 fibroblasts. Positive values (yellow) indicate slower decay compared to the mean rate for that gene while negative values (blue) indicate that genes have faster decay compared to the mean rate for that gene. Values were clustered into two unique groups using the k-means algorithm. Gene ontology terms that are significantly enriched in a cluster are marked to the right of the heatmap. Decay profiles of representative genes from each cluster are displayed below the heatmap

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