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Fig. 2

From: Widespread changes in mRNA stability contribute to quiescence-specific gene expression patterns in a fibroblast model of quiescence

Fig. 2

Gene expression and RNA stability heatmap for the top upregulated a and downregulated b genes with quiescence. Columns 1 and 2 are the log2 fold change in gene expression with quiescence \( \left({ \log}_2\left(\frac{CI7 Abundance}{PAbundance}\right)\right) \) from microarray gene expression profiling of 7-day contact inhibited (CI7) and 14-day contact inhibited (CI14) fibroblasts. Column 3 is the log difference in decay constants (K D proliferation − K D quiescence) shrunken by the local false discovery rate (see Methods) scaled to fit within the bounds of the gene expression values between CI7 and P fibroblasts. Gene ontology terms that are significantly enriched in a cluster are marked to the right of the heatmap

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