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Fig. 4

From: Widespread changes in mRNA stability contribute to quiescence-specific gene expression patterns in a fibroblast model of quiescence

Fig. 4

Gene expression and stability change heatmap for collagen-related miR-29 targets. Gene expression and RNA decay constant changes for computationally predicted a and experimentally validated b miR-29 targets. Black bars on the bottom of the heatmap mark the columns that are changes in gene expression while the last column is the log of the change in decay constant between P and CI7 fibroblasts. Gene expression columns show the log2 fold change in gene expression between P and CI7 fibroblasts \( \left({ \log}_2\left(\frac{CI7 Abundance}{PAbundance}\right)\right) \). Decay columns are the log difference in decay constants (K D proliferation − K D quiescence) shrunken by the false discovery rate scaled to fit within the bounds of the gene expression values between CI7 and P fibroblasts (see Methods) between CI7 and P fibroblasts. Gene names are to the right of the heatmap

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