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Fig. 2

From: Single-cell mRNA isoform diversity in the mouse brain

Fig. 2

Heterogeneity of isoforms among single cells. a Number of distinct isoforms as a function of the number of observed transcripts, for pooled single cells (top) and individual single cells. Each dot is a gene. Left column, conservative isoforms. Right column, exon cassette isoforms only. Black line indicates where the number of isoforms equals the number of transcripts. b Venn diagrams showing the number of shared isoforms between the three different cell-types. Left, conservative isoforms. Right, exon cassette isoforms only. c Histogram showing the number of transcripts per isoform for shared and unique isoforms. d Extrapolation of the number of conservative isoforms per cell (left) and the number of exon cassette isoforms per cell (right)

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