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Fig. 3

From: Impact of novel SNPs identified in Cynara cardunculus genes on functionality of proteins regulating phenylpropanoid pathway and their association with biological activities

Fig. 3

Schematic representation of the C3′H and HQT reference aminoacid sequences (haplotype A). Domains were identified with PredictProtein and InterPro tools. The serine (S) and threonine-rich (T) sites were predicted based on phosphorylation probability obtained with NetPhos 2.0. The ubiquitination sites (K) were predicted by UbPred and UbProber. The upperline represent the aminoacid position. The conserved domains representative of P450 family in C3′H and the acyltransferase family in HQT are surrounded in black boxes. Filled grey boxes indicate the signal peptide domain in C3′H. SNP positions are indicated with arrows indicating the residue of the reference AC2_1 and the substituted residue

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