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Fig. 2

From: Implications of human evolution and admixture for mitochondrial replacement therapy

Fig. 2

Global distribution of mtDNA haplogroups. a Map showing the names and locations of the 1KGP populations studied here along with pie charts showing the relative frequencies of mtDNA haplogroups for each population. The haplogroups are color coded as shown in the key. b Counts of mtDNA haplogroups for each 1KGP population. Haplogroup counts are hierarchically clustered along both axes. The y-axis corresponds to the 1KGP continental population groups, and the x-axis corresponds to previously characterized mtDNA macro-haplogroups. The continental origins of the mtDNA macro-haplogroups are shown. Mitochondrial haplogroups that show correspondence (i.e., are matched) between the 1KGP continental population groups and the mtDNA macro-haplogroups are shaded in green. Mismatched mtDNA haplogroups are shaded in orange

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