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Table 1 Genome-wide statistics for the Echinococcus canadensis (G7) assembly and gene predictions

From: The Echinococcus canadensis (G7) genome: a key knowledge of parasitic platyhelminth human diseases

Genome statistics
Size of genome (Mb) 115
GC content (%) 42
Number of contigs 9326
N50 (Kb) 75
Largest contig (Kb) 574
Deep coverage 55×
Number of predicted genes 11,449
Gene density per Mb 13
Length of proteome (amino acids) 4,915,068
Maximum protein length (amino acids) 7886
Average protein length (amino acids) 440
Average exon length (bp) 219
Median exon length (bp) 159
Average exons per transcript 6
Median exons per transcript 4
Total length of contained introns (Kb) 40,117
Average intron length (bp) 714
Median intron length (bp) 273