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Table 2 E. canadensis (G7) new drug targets proteins found in cestodes but absent or highly divergent in humans

From: The Echinococcus canadensis (G7) genome: a key knowledge of parasitic platyhelminth human diseases

Category Product Ecanadensis (G7) IDs
Antigens Taeniidae antigen (Antigen B) ECANG7_07838
immunogenic protein ts11 ECANG7_01678
Defense Antimicrobial peptide tachystatin A ECANG7_00862
Sygnalling neuropeptide-like protein ECANG7_03703
neuropeptide spp-like ECANG7_10139
Pancreatic hormone ECANG7_09023
Pancreatic hormone ECANG7_05886
Transport Vacuolar (H+) ATPase G subunit ECANG7_02132
Metabolic process Dolichol phosphate mannosyltransferase subunit 3 ECANG7_01023
EF-hand domain containing protein ECANG7_02884
Transcription processes CREB binding protein ECANG7_05946
zinc finger, C2H2 type ECANG7_07928
  1. OG distant less than 0.8 and present in all cestodes species analysed (stricted criteria)