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Fig. 5

From: Cross-talk of the biotrophic pathogen Claviceps purpurea and its host Secale cereale

Fig. 5

Validation of RNA-Seq data by qRT-PCR: Relative mRNA levels are comparable to RNA-Seq data in most cases. Comparison of FPKM values (left figure, RNA-Seq data) and relative expression (normalized to reference genes, right figure, qRT-PCR results) of various genes in the 2nd biological replicate. Shown are representative genes that were identified as induced during the infection or down-regulated in Δcptf1. cp1296: invertase; cp3570: xylanase; cp1105, cp1295, cp3095: effector candidate; cp2272: sge1-homologue; cp5492, cp5493, cp7156, cp8623: effector candidate; Sc1Loc01149658.2, Sc2Loc00096015.6: auxin-responsive genes; Sc5Loc00240479.1: chitinase; Sc2Loc02172093.1: flower development Sc3Loc01905034.2: plant defense; Sc4Loc00580338.2: xylanase inhibitor

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